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SISIS offer a wide range of machinery and hand tools for the maintenance of cricket squares and outfields including four pedestrian aerators and four

tractor mounted aerators.


Tractor Mounted Aerators


The SISIS range of tractor-mounted aerators comprises four machines which are suitable for cricket grounds maintenance. The Multitiner 1.8m, Multitiner 1.2m, Mounted Rolaspike and Javelin Aer-Aid are versatile machines which can be used for cricket pitch maintenance.

The Multitiner machines are tractor-mounted drum aerators, the Rolaspike is a tractor-mounted Sarel type roller and the Javelin is a vertical action, air-injection aerator.


Pedestrian Aerators


Pedestrian aerators keep cricket pitches, cricket wickets and cricket outfields in prime condition and SISIS offer the Supaturfman and Dart for your cricket ground maintenance requirements. These aerators are independently powered.


The Supaturfman is a heavy duty aerator perfect for use on cricket squares while the Dart is a vertical-action aerator also suited to cricket square and cricektcricket wicket maintenance.

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