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 Dennis Cricket  Scarifiers

The versatile Dennis FT machine is the ideal cricket scarifier for groundsmen looking for effective thatch removal from their cricket square. Ideal for pre-season, playing season and end of season scarification programmes, ensuring a pitch that not only plays well but is also safe.


Available in 17”, 20” and 24” widths the machines enable groundsmen to change from a cutting mower to a scarifying unit within 15 to 20 seconds without the need the need for any tools, removing the necessity of having two machines for separate tasks. The Dennis range of interchangeable cassettes encompasses a 1mm scarifier for initial pre season and through season maintenance and a 2 mm scarifier for heavy duty and end of season renovation. The blades are tough and wear resistant enabling them to cut into the thatch at the base of the turf. For groundsmen requiring a scarifier for very heavy duty and intensive maintenance, Dennis provides a 2mm scarifier with tungsten tipped blades.


For gentler cricket wicket and square scarification during the season, the verticutter cassette is ideal not only for ensuring that grass is stood up prior to cutting but also helping to control thatch. The ultra accurate height of cut “click system” enables pre match preparation to be carried out without scoring damage to the surface when removing laterals ensuring the ultimate fast playing speed.

The multi brush cassette is a particularly useful tool for any groundsman that can be used not only for the removal of debris but also as a very light cricket wicket scarification for final pre cut preparation.


The ‘G-series’ consisting of the G660,G760 and G860 with 26”,30” and 34” widths respectively are the ideal options for groundsmen looking for a larger machine with the versatility of a cassette system for the square and outfield. Cassettes can be changed over in as little as 60 seconds.


Groundsmen looking to streamline operations and providing a first class finish…everytime, can rest assured Dennis provide the ideal solution for their Cricket scarification programme.



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