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Durant Cricket Bowling Machines


BOLA Professional Bowling Machine
Fully Enclosed Cricket Bowling Machine. Concave profile moulded urethane ball delivery wheels. Microprocessor based digital speed control with membrane switch panel. Adjustable speed in increments between 15 and 95 mph. Spin, swing and pace bowling with 19 spin and swing settings. Electronic random variation facility with solid state electronic wheel braking. Ball joint complimented by vernier screw adjustment for precision line and length. Operation from 12 volt battery or with optional BOLA Power Pack from 230v mains (or 110v if specified).

BOLA Power Pack (Mains option)
A 240v (or 110v optional) high amperage transformer giving a smooth DC supply for BOLA Bowling Machines. This enables the BOLA to be used from a mains outlet. Circuitry also includes a built in battery charger for overnight charging of batteries.

BOLA 28 Ball Automatic Feeder with Remote Control
An automatic ball feeder to fit all BOLA Bowling Machines. Fitted in less than 2 minutes. Feeds a ball into the machine every 7 or 11 seconds (as selected). Optional remote control on/off switch allows interruption of the sequence when required. Warning lights indicate release of ball. The ball feeder offers a unique solo batting practice facility or the option to coach from any position.

Practice Balls
BOLA 5oz Practice Balls. Polyurethane practice balls in red or yellow with soft case to protect bats from damage. Dimpled like a golf ball for stable flight. These give the best accuracy and realistic bounce. Yellow balls for better visibility indoors. Red for realism.

BOLA 3oz Hi-Viz Practice Balls. A NEW orange 3oz practice ball. The composition of the Hi-Viz ball has been specially developed to make the ball a little firmer and give extra bounce. The ball is more accurate in use and holds its shape better to make the bounce more realistic.


12 Volt Leisure Battery
A leisure battery for use with all BOLA machines. Fitted with a carrying handle for portability. Designed to be run flat and recharged as necessary (unlike automotive batteries). Gives between 2 and 6 hours between recharges. Charge from 12 volt car charger or BOLA Power Pack.

BOLA Machine Stand on wheels
Accepts any BOLA machine with no modification required. It enables the machine to be easily wheeled around without dismantling and so maximises the time in use. It also provides improved operator safety.

Contact Details
Durant Cricket - Bowling Machines
Unit 1a, Station Yard Trading Estate
Station Road
LE15 9TX
Tel: 01572 822013