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Cricket Wicket Maintenance

SISIS – Cricket Ground Machinery
SISIS offer a wide range of machinery and hand tools for the maintenance of cricket squares, cricket wickets and cricket outfields.
Dennis UK - Cricket Scarifiers
The versatile Dennis FT machine is the ideal cricket scarifier for groundsmen looking for effective thatch removal from their cricket square. Ideal for pre-season, playing season and end of season scarification programmes, ensuring a pitch that not only plays well but is also safe.
SISIS - Cricket Sweepers
The SISIS range of tractor-mounted sweepers include two - Litamina 1200 & 1500 and Litamisa 1800 - which can be used on cricket pitches. The Litamina and Litamisa sweep and collect all kinds of surface debris aiding cricket ground maintenance.
Dennis UK - Cricket Outfield Mowers
Dennis supply cricket outfield mowers G660, G760 and G860 and the Premier, ideal for maintenance of cricket grounds
SISIS - Cricket Aerators
SISIS offer a wide range of machinery and hand tools for the maintenance of cricket squares and outfields including four powered aerators and four tractor mounted aerators.
Dennis Mowers
Dennis provide the optimum choice if you are looking for a cricket wicket mower, cricket square mower or cricket outfield mower.
SISIS - Cricket Spreaders
The SISIS Autospred and Powaspred are both ideally suited for cricket ground maintenance. Both have infinitely variable spreading rates and an oscillating base plate to reduce bridging. The SISIS Variseeder 1300 is a versatile tractor-mounted seeder that is ideal for cricket pitch maintenance. Its seeding rate is variable and is simple and accurate to set by Zero-Max box lending itself well to use on cricket pitches, wickets and outfield
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